Yusuf Pathan Smashes 72 Runs Off 22 Balls

He bowled fast deliveries to Aussie batsman which went down the leg side and resulted in wide. The umpire signaled wide. Then again, the next ball was bowled in the similar way, going down the leg side. The batsman tried to attempt a pull shot near his waist to put the ball away.

But the ball was going further away from him and that also resulted in signaling wide ball. Wicket keeper did a good job for stopping it from four wide balls. He went to his left and grabbed the ball into his hands. The next ball was also bowled on the leg side, it also became wide. There was a hat trick of wide balls from hardik.

He really lost his rhythm, but trying to ball fast, he was losing his length terribly against the Australian batsman. The extras were ruining his over and statistics, as well as India was suffering from the worst over of this match by Pandya.

The fourth ball was also bowled with extreme power but in aim to make Aaron Finch uncomfortable, Pandya ended up delivering another wide. The ball went toward the leg side in the same fashion. He was looking toward the umpire but unfortunately he was not spared on the fourth ball as well. He shook his head in amazement and regret.

Now it was time for the fifth ball. This time Hardik planned to bowl it toward the off side. He aimed to beat the batsman on the off side. The speed and accuracy was terrible this time as well. Despite his intention not to ball another wide ball, he ended up throwing a delivery wide outside off stomp.

Yusuf Pathan scores the fastest fifty in IPL. by ptvcricketofficial

The batsman tried to play it on the off side straight, but he became hopeless as the ball was further going toward the off side into the first slip. The wicket keeper had to move a long way to right to catch that ball. Yet another wide ball was signaled by the umpire. The ball was so high that batsman shook his head and totally left it to the keeper. It could have been an easy boundary but the keeper did well.

The most amazing over with 5 wide balls will always be remembered by the young man playing his very first match against the world champions.

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