Young Pakistani Bowler in Nets with 148 km/hr Speed in Peshawar

The modern cricket has evolved a lot from the old days. The use of mind has increased as well as the international exposure for the players. Once a player becomes successful, he can get endless cricket experience during the year. Most players hurt themselves by playing so continuously without rest.

The present generation of batsmen find it really hard to face anyone with a speed of 135-150 km/hr. Most pitches these days are prepared for supporting the batsmen. However there is good seem in Indian and Sirilankan pitches as well. If this young man get his big shot to play for Pakistan on a higher level, who knows he may be the new Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan.

With the popularity of T20 cricket being played so much in the world, the need for a genuine pace bowler in a T20 team is a necessity. An ordinary pace bowler often gets hit for huge runs as we saw in the case of Umar Gul. Pakistani team needs a real fiery fast pacer like Wasim and Waqar. Amir has made an incredible comeback, but we need more strenght in the team.

This young man looks promising and hard working. His action seems nice and he has a good run up. He comes charging up and passes the umpire to deliver his extra ordinary fast deliveries.

Our current fast bowlers like Irfan and Wahab need rest from time to time. In fact Wahab is already on rest during the Asia Cup. Irfan’s body also can take so much pressure. No doubt we need a serious fast bowler like him to fill the gap in the pace attack. The injuries can happen to fast bowlers very easily if they do not rest. We saw even Imran Khan struggled with his shoulder for decades.

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Let us hope this guy performs well and shows some dedication. He can very well end up playing for Pakistan at a higher level due to his potential.


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