Worst Fight of Cricket History Between Lillee and Javed Miandad

e turned around with his bat in his hand and swung it hard to hit Lilee. Upon asking Javed said that Lilee had tried to kick him as he was passing him. The confrontation became very very serious. Both players lost tempers and got mad at each other. The umpire had to come physically between Javed Miandad and Lillee to stop them from hurting each other.  Tony Crafter was the Umpire in that match.

The match was live on the Nine World of Sports. The world could see those images of horrible fight never before seen in the history of the game.Javed was moving his bat like a baseball bat. This event has been mentioned in the Wisden Cricketer’s. This event was the most undignified incidents in Test history”. The Umpires were finally able to get Javed with his bat away from Lillee.  This was the most disgraceful event ever in a test match. Many former Australian players condemned it.

Lillee was in danger of suspension for the future matches. According to former Aussie Captian Ian Chappel, Lillee behaved like a spoiled angry child. Lillee was found guilty and was fined for $200 amount. The behavior of Miandad was also criticized. Ijaz Butt was sent a letter for Javed’s misbehavior. Miandad said “Everyone can see Lillee is guilty”. He said he behaved like this because Lillee did a very disgraceful thing first. He forced him to act like this.   Australia won the test match which also added to the tension. Lillee was not happy with the expected news of his suspension. He said that he would definitely retire if he was suspended.

Cricket’s GREATEST FIGHT- RARE FULL FOOTAGE… by ptvcricketofficial
We are sure you must have enjoyed this incident as this was the most amazing fight of its kind in the test cricket ever.


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