Worst ever over in cricket history

You might have seen many bowlers bowling unusual deliveries and creating issues for batsmen but you might have not seen a bowler who bowled straight deliveries but still was a problem for the batsman. This is not a thing that usually happens.

New Zealand player Darrel Tuffy, who was considered one of the best bowlers New Zealand every produced, once did an over that is now considered the worst ever over in cricket history. Conceding 30 to 35 runs in an over is no more a unique things for bowlers. Many bowlers have conceded such big numbers in recent history.

But conceding 21 runs on one ball is considered something awkward. That is waht New Zealand bowler did in an ODI match against rival Australia.

While Adam Gilchrist, left handed devastating opener, was facing Darrel Tuffey, he almost forgot to bowl and started sending the balls away from batsman. Off course the balls were wide bu they were do big that even keeper was out of its reach.

You can easily view the worst quality bowling. Just watch and let us know you thoughts in comments below.

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