Worst Bowling Ever – 48 Runs Over Hong Kong Sixes

Imran Nazir is a gentle medium pacer at best and lets not go to much into his bowling because he has conceded a 48 runs over in Hong Kong Sixes.

You won’t be much perturbed by this stat because after all he is a pure batsman in essence and will easily make up for it with a similar performance on any given day. However, this performance was heart wrenching to say the least. Imran Nazir had bowled before in the Hong Kong sixes and had bowled good overs. However a 48 runs over was never on the cards from him either.

Mind you, in Hong Kong sixes their is no such thing as an economical over, if you are able to concede single digits in an over you have truly bowled the over of your life. However, even if you bowl a 20 run over your captain will surely give you another over because you have done a remarkable job.

Watch Video: Imran Nazir 48 Runs Off 6 Balls – Worst Over In Cricket

Keep in your mind that in Hong Kong Sixes their is no such thing as a six ball over, there are eight balls in one over. So even if you concede two runs per ball you are still conceding 16 runs in one over. So Pakistan were playing against Australia in the semifinal stages of the Hong Kong sixes and Australia needed 50 runs off the last 9 balls. Sohail Khan conceded a four of David Warner, and it came down to 48 runs over required.

Imran Nazir came into bowl, it wasn’t unexpected, he had bowled previously but he isn’t surely a regular bowler. Pakistan didn’t have another option either. He came to bowl and started the over with a six and then a four and six again. But the misery started later, when he started bowling wides and no balls and the batsmen kept crossing over. He got out Maxwell at the end but it was way too late by then.

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