Why Sachin Tendulker Was Afraid Of Shoaib Akhtar

Rahul knew he had no chance against the great Shoaib, he started running away towards the dressing room as his wickets were smashed by the great Yorker. Out for 24, he gave Sachin Tendulkar the chance to come to the crease. Sachin got ready to face Shoaib.

The very first ball shook Sachin when Shoaib again bowled another great Yorker in the similar fashion. The ball swung a long way towards the leg stomp, finally Tendulkar missed it and got his middle stompt knocked out finally.

Tendulkar also tried to save his wicket but failed like Dravid. He used his leg to cover his off stomp. The ball went from between his bat and pads. The middle stomp was completely out of the ground. The Yorker was very quick for Sachin to play it. Shoaib Akhtar was happy with joy. There was no extent to his happiness as he spread his arms and shouted.

Video Link: http://wp.me/p7hWiw-6K

He looked to the sky and crowd went crazy on this fabulous display of bowling. That was purely magic. He looks up in the sky to thanks Allah and his knees on the ground. That was the second duck of the career of Tendulkar. He was not expecting this fate but Shoaib had the power to bring him a perfect delivery.

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