Watch Bizarre Out In County Cricket – Strange Run Outs In Cricket

Bizarre out in cricket is not a new thing.  Cricket is among the most transforming games in the world to date. It has not just transformed with respect to its formats but also rules that are ever changing. These rules have however, made cricket a batsman’s game.

Critics are specially vehement about the fact that bats have grown bigger and stronger but the ball has remained the same. No balls have been penalized through free hits and that too with no balls of all kinds. The inner circle has grown smaller with respect to the number of players fielding inside.

In this video we see how cricket is still a little in favor of the bowlers. As the bowler bowls a good length delivery the batsman is able to block it on the front foot but the pace of the bowler is enough to make sure that the balls rolls back towards the stumps.

The batsman seemingly puzzled, gets his hand down and fends the ball away from the wicket. The keeper is ecstatic and so is the bowler. This bizarre out is a perfect example of how batsman can also end up being on the embarrassing side.

There are also many other instances where batsmen have gotten a bizarre out in his career. It is also a very important thing to notice that international cricketers get out caught down the leg side which is termed as bizarre and getting run out when a batsmen hits the on the non striker’s stumps and it gets ricochets off the hand or toe of the bowler.

Shahid Afridi got run out in a very unusual way when he tried to get away from the ball in defense and instead it strikes his bat and ricochets off it towards the stumps.

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