Watch Amazing last over of Waqar Younis To Ian Bishop Sharjah Cup

Waqar Younis was charging into the Ian Bishop. West Indies was so close to the victory. On the second ball, the tall black caps tail ender had hit Waqar Younis for a lovely boundary. Over was unbelievable, there was not much west indies bowlers could do.

So the batsman swung his bat and tried to do something extra ordinary. He succeeded, the ball went for a huge six over the On side boundary.Waqar and Pakistan were out. There were only 2 runs required in the innings to finish the Pakistan’s game. When Waqar came charging in , the west Indian fans were cheering for a winning shot. The game was evenly in the hands of West Indies. The Pakistani spectators were down and were sure of a lost match. The ladies in the video were not about to give up as they were praying to God that something good happen in the remaining few deliveries.
Sunil Gawaskar and Iftikhar Ahmad were the commentators, both were fully tense and serious. None of them could predict what Waqar was about to deliver to provide a sensational finish. As Waqar came charging in for the next ball, the batsman tried to hit it over the fence. He missed the ball completely and the batsman on the non-striker end started to run. But the run was not there at all. The ball was in safe hands of Waqar younis against.

Still the prayers were going on in the stadium. Only a miracle like Waqar Younis could save the Pakistan from losing this match. The match was totally going still within the reach of red caps. The skipper Imran Khan had a meeting with the players and gave them strict instructions. God was listening to the prayers of spectators and millions back home, they wanted their team to win in the final over. As Waqar got the ball in his hand and also the prayers went along constantly. Waqar went ahead and started running with the ball. The great Younis bowled an incredible ball. The ball went straight into the stomps of the batsman who was the last of the remaining.

Pakistnan won by the spectacular bowling of Waqar Younis. That was in the end the bowling of Younis and the prayers of the spectators. Pakistan was determined to win and they won it. This is the way story went. Enjoy the lovely most amazing video in the history of cricket.

Watch Waqar Younis Last Over

Waqar Younis Vs Ian Bishop – Unbelievable Final… by arsal303

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