Watch Ahmad Shahzad 45 balls 62 Innings In Pakistan Cup Final

Ahmad Shahzad 45 balls 62 runs in Pakistan cup final is a hope for KPK to win first ever Pakistan cup managed and sponsored by cool and cool Haier.

The next blame goes to the three Pakistani fielders. They were Sarfraz, Wahab and Rizwan. Ronchi had played a terrible high stroke up in he air. Muhammad Amir was bowling, the ball landed in the middle of three above mentioned fielders but none of them were able to catch the ball.

It was all a mess in the end and a lack of decision as who should take the catch in the end. That kind of confusion is not found in the Indian Team as we saw Indians in the same situation against Australia, they finally took their catches in the similar situation.

In the end one can say it was a bad luck as well as a case of Bad Umpiring, therefore the green caps had to leave the New Zealand soil with disappointment.

Watch Ahmad Shahzad 45 balls 62 runs

The fielders dropped the catches, Umpire Billy having a long international experience giving a willful wrong decision, it all went wrong for Pakistan. In the end everybody could see that if Ronchi was given out, Pakistan would have won the match and levelled the series.

The situation could easily be explained because the TV umpire could have gotten referred. Pakistan did well in the end to make it a good competition.

The match would have ended sooner. But the bowlers in the end bowled well. The bad luck was rain which washed away the hopes of Pakistan exactly at the time when they were going to take wickets and make the life harder for New Zealand. The rain also reduced the overs and the target because New Zealand was ahead of Pakistan due to Duckworth method.

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