Top 10 Moments In Cricket History

This is something unique. You don’t see such moments usually in cricket but this time the 2015 has brought something that we had never seen before. Moments from domestic cricket to different leagues and then in International cricket. All of them have been considered the top 10 moments in International cricket in 2015 so far. As the 2015 has ended and we don’t expect to find any better moments than these ones.

Although all of them are unique and have something that you might have never seen before but the number 10 is the one that we do not notice in big games. This time camera man was eagerly looking at the lady and finally got the point that he might not be waiting for. Hence, he got it captured and it is now one of the top 10 moments in International cricket in 2015.

We have seen some sudden deaths on cricket grounds and yet some of the best players. Off course, nobody can forget Philip Hughes an emerging Australian player who got hit at his back neck, remained in hospital for about two days and finally died. But the moment we are talking about does not involve any player. Yet, it was related to death or you can say near death but when you watch it you get amazed. Why? It is a surprise that only watching can unfold.

When somebody gets out, it becomes a joyous for other team but what if somebody is so happy on getting out that even cameraman could not resist to put lens on his teeth. What comes next is the best thing that we see in cricket field very rarely. That is the best moment according to a few but some considers it an average and moves forward to see others.

You can judge your moment and let us know in comments. I personally liked the number 1. Oh, it is bit awkward but when you see it completely you realize it is worth sharing. But off course, to some extent, it is not worth discussing with your family members but off course, you can share with your friends.


Do let us know what you think about these cricket moments and stay tuned with us to get more such moments in coming days.

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