Usama Mir , The Next Yasir Shah Of Pakistan

Usama Mir is a young and promising Pakistani Cricketer. Born in 23 December 1995 the guy is just very young at the age of 20. He has a right handed batting style. But his greater strength is left arm leg spin bowling. Usama has played for Khan Research Laboratories since 2013. The guy has been playing domestic cricket for Sialkot Stallions. His bowling has been amazing both in ODIs and T20 matches. In fact, people are already calling him the next Yasir Shah of Pakistan.
Yasir Shah got banned by the ICC by taking a heavy drug dose of prohibited medicine for the international crickets. After his absence from the team and Saeed Ajmal already out of action, the international scene for Pakistan need someone like Usama.

He has taken most number of wickets in the recent Haier Super 8 T20 Cup played in 2015. He has played only 9 T20 matches in the young age of 20. The guy has immense potential. He is called the “Next Yasir Shah of Pakistani” because his ability to take wickets and spin the bowl is amazing.
The video today is amazing piece of bowling compilation from the young legend Usama Mir. The guy bowls wonderfully. The leg spin deliveries are well disguised. He can bowl the slow leg spinner very effectively and the odd fast delivery like Afridi to hit the middle stomp. The stomp out in this innings is a treat to watch.

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Usama Mir has been observed to be accurate in his bowling so far. The match winner does not provide much wide balls or no balls. You can see the Rameez Raja Junior in this video when he got out. His face was telling the story. He was feeling beaten completely by a beautiful delivery. The way he moves his wrists for spinning the ball is truly natural.

His action is beautiful. He swung the ball a long long way towards the left leg of the batsman. This ball is completely misjudged by Muhammad Waqas the batsman. He leads brilliantly like a captain his team Team Usama Mir.

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