Unusual Out In Cricket – Batsmen Stopped Ball With Hand Instead Of Bat

Unusual out in cricket is always a big news for the cricket fans because cricket. Specially test cricket requires a lot of patience. Not just from the players but also from the viewers. Therefore, the viewers are always after something unusual in an otherwise smooth days play.

Unusual out in cricket is basically the dismissal which is out of the ordinary. Their are many different kinds of unusual dismissals, such as hit wicket; where the striker hit the stumps with his bat or other part of his body.

Obstructing the field is another unusual out in cricket where you intentionally get yourself in the line of the delivery in order to save yourself from getting out.

Inzamam-ul-Haq and Ramiz Raja of Pakistan, got out obstructing the field on different occasions. Not just this, Inzamam twice got hit wicket and once he fall back on his wicket against the bowling of Monty Panesar.

However, handling the ball with your hand is also one very rare form dismissal, you can kick it away with your feet but you cannot touch the ball with your hands if it is travelling towards the wicket.

In this video, which is shot in an English County match, the batsman blocks the ball which instead of going forward comes back with the momentum and is about to strike the off stump, when the batsman, as an evasive measure, tries to fend it off with his right hand.

The players start appealing about the dismissal and the umpire gives the batsman out as he tried to handle the ball with his hands.

These unusual dismissals in cricket are more often a laughing stock for the players specially. It also gives the media material to talk about, however, it is of great embarrassment and grief for the batsmen themselves.

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