United States Will Host 6 CPL Games

The 2016 edition of Caribbean Premier league is going to start soon and the venue for that has been finalized. The great sports loving state of Florida has been selected for this purpose. It has been planned the six games in total will be played in the tournament for the Caribbean League. The most thrilling matches of the West Indian Cricket Boards are on their way. However it is not yet been decided by the West Indian Cricket board on when the matches will start and what will the starting date of the exciting matches.

The venue has not been decided yet, but  Florida is expected to host such event. The cricket is getting more popular in USA, United States has also a good cricket side but a bit far from playing internationally. Also Central Broward Regional Park is a famous and prestigious place for the game of cricket in Lauderhill.

The rumors are the this venue will be the most suitable venue for the game of cricket. In United States, ICC has to do a lot of planning to promote cricket Due to the amazing and incredible power of West Indian Cricket team over the decades, and their current T20 legacy performance, the United States is expected to grow the audience and players of cricket in the future.

More and more cricket is expected to be played in USA in the future. This mega event will do a lot of improvement in this regard. The Florida Lauderhill venue is also the ICC certified venue in America. However the ICC has more choice when it comes to the game of cricket and choosing venue for a big event in USA. The World Sports Park is also a good prospect for the upcoming CPL games.

It is situated in the heart of Indianapolis. The game of cricket will become popular immensely and this event will be broadcasted live on Television and Radio. So a thrilling action is just around the corner with CPL.

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