Umar Akmal 81 Runs Video 44 Balls National T20 Cup

Umar Akmal 81 Runs Video 44 Balls National T20 Cup. Umar Akmal 81 Runs Video 44 Balls National T20 Cup.Umar Akmal 81 Runs Video 44 Balls National T20 Cup.

Umar Akmal smashed 103 meter six against New Zealand and ball goes out of the park into road. This is one of the biggest sixes by Umar Akmal in his entire career. Despite being short man, Umar Akmal generated a lot of power. Umer Akmal scored 56 runs in second match.

He scored some decent scores in the first innings as well. Umer made a stunning shot to Elliot when he was bowling at his best with his full pace. ‘This was one of the biggest six by any Pakistani in this tour so far. Afridi made some sixes in last game but they were not as huge as it was.

Umer Akmal hit 5 sixes in his entire innings of 56 runs that took Pakistan to a handsome score. Pakistan gave New Zealand and handsome target of 169 runs of 120 balls. New Zealand has Rose Taylor in today’s game but Pakistan still has an edge over New Zealand by winning first game.

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All of them came from the middle and hit the fence full. Pakistan will now have to take the score over 170 to make a difference. If Umar stays then there are chances that they even finish more than the projected score.

Umar Akmal is playing a blinder here. He was under a lot of pressure for his performances in the past and controversies. But this time, he is letting his bat do all the talking. He is hitting the ball nicely and looks totally fit. Umar needs to stay focus. His presence in the middle will make the difference e for Pakistan. His innings a critical one here. He was on the top in the previous over and now let’s see his shot in the next one.


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