Top Ten Run Outs In the History Of Cricket Ever

The most famous and lazy player for the run outs for Pakistan was the big guy Inzimam Ul Haq , the great legendary batsman of cricket. From 1991 to 2005, the great Inzimam played 322 innings. He holds the record with Wasim Akram for 38 run outs as well.

Marvan Attapattu Played for Sirilanka as a great lovely batsman between 1990-2005. He was brilliant run scroer early in the innings, support Jayasuriya a lot. But when it comes to the run outs record in the history of Sirilankan Cricket, Marvan was the one who got run out the most times. He was out 37 times runout. No other Sirilankan holds such a record.

Talking about the tall handsome husband of Sangeeta Bajlani the beautiful actress of India, the Muhammad Azhar Ud Din was none other than the record holder for most run outs for India. He got retired in year 2000 but he was run out in his life for 32 times. No Indian has been run out more than Azhar Ud Din.

Mark Waugh the brother of Steven Waugh, was a lovely middle order batsman and all rounder for Australia. He was retired in 2002 after winning the world cup for 1999 for his team. He was out run out for the most number of times for Australia. He holds the record with Muhammad Azhar ud Din for 32 run outs in his 236 innings.

Two other batsman were Ranatunga and Muhammad Yousaf for Pakistan and Sirilanka. The batsmen share the world record for the most 30 run outs in the cricket history for their countries.

Rahul Dravid was another smashing Indian batsman who was retired in 2005. he holds the record for the 29 run outs in his lifetime for playing 249 innings.

The great Alan Border was run out for 28 times playing for Australia as a batsman. He won the World Cup 1987 in India and Pakistan. But he holds the record of 28 run outs in his lifetime. Enjoy our video and find out what were the greatest run outs of the cricket history.

Top 10 Run Outs in Cricket History by ptvcricketofficial

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