Top ten Romantic Moments In Cricket

Cricket has been a thrilling and funny game over the years. But has anyone ever thought about it being the most romantic game ever. That is true. Today we are providing you a compilation of the most romantic moments In the game of cricket.

Recently in the domestic PSL series, we have seen the romantic moments when cricketers have brought their families and wives over to the ground. Even the sister of the fast bowler of Peshawar Zalmi was present in the Sharjah Cricket Ground. Shahid Afridi has also brought his lovely cute daughters and his wife along with him. That adds to the beauty of the game and also boosts the morale of cricketers.

The crowd loves their stars in the field. They love them because cricketers provide them the most amazing moments of game to them as well as the opportunity to enjoy their lives after long working hours around the world.

The video is starting with a lovely romantic lady of India who is showing her love for cricket Zaheer Khan. Zaheer was sitting with his team mates. Sachin Tendulkar is the most loved cricketer in India. He is the most beloved cricketer of all time also throughout the world. Many incidents have occurred in the grounds during his play for India that ladies have shown their love for Sachin. Sahcin remained a shy guy from his childhood, always smiles and admires his fans with open heart.

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