Top IPL 2016 Best Catch – Shane Watson, David Wiese

A catch out is the most important out in the cricket game. the game if cricket is fancy and entertaining. Players play the high shots and get caught out in the fields.  The batsman gets catch out when he hits the ball up in the air and ends up getting out. Whether the ball goes into the hand of the fielder of the wicket keeper, the batsman is caught out.

In the video today, you will completely enjoy a series of best catch outs in the history of cricket. Catches win matches, it is an old and important well known saying. Catches have become more and more popular in the T20 format of the games.

The important of catches can never be denied in any game of cricket on any day.Whether it is a domestic tournament, or a world cup or a home series, every player including bowlers and batsmen need to be well prepared for catches that come their way.

If a player is not able to take good catches, he is weak in fielding.  The player who drops most catches in his life is never ever looked upon with dignity. In the game of cricket, most hardest of all catches caught are compiled here for you to enjoy. this video can give you a real learning experience for how to catch the ball.

Looking at these great players, the catches held by them in the ODIs and Test Matches were spectacular. Taking an easy catch is not an adventure, but taking an incredible catch like these is the most important.

The best teams in the world for their best fielding and catching abilities have been Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The legendary fielder and all round Johnathan Rhodes of South Africa has been the finest catcher of all time in the history of cricket. There are no words to describe that man’s ability to catch the ball from the cover point area throughout his life.

Jonty Rhodes has been known for taking the most spectacular catches and done incredible fielding throughout his career. No fielder in the world used to jump, dive and catch like him. He has been the most expensive and creative fielding coach of the international teams over the years. The legend of catching will never be forgotten.

Engelbretch of South Africa was the most amazing catcher of all time. You will enjoy him in action too. The best catches have been held by South Africa and New Zealand more than any other team because the conditions in those countries and the grounds support their fielders to dive.

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The Pakistani and Indian pitches are more suitable for batting. Pakistan has seen some great catchers during the years. From Abdul Razzaq to Mushtaq Ahmed, Pakistanis have done their best to become world class catchers, only they need some serious support and guidance from their board and team mates to improve their ground fielding tremendously.

Pakistan will play the T20 world cup in March. The shots are going to be high and the ball is going to fly in the air. A tremendous catching action is coming our way very soon.

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