Top 5 Cricket Fastest Balls Ever In ODI History

The top five cricket fastest balls ever in ODI history are truly a treat to watch.

Brett Lee is without a doubt the most feared Australian fast bowler after the McGrath era. He would always be the man Ricky Ponting will go to for breakthroughs and he hardly every disappointed. He and Shoaib Akhtar long remain in the battle of being the fastest bowler, which Shoaib eventually won. This particular delivery got Lee a wicket when he bowled a fuller deliver to Marvan Attapatu who was neither forward nor back and the ball zoomed through the gate.

4. Jeff Thomson’s 160.4 kmph bouncer

The rhythmical action of Jeff Thomson truly gave him a lot rhythm and as this delivery showed, he could effortlessly dance the batsman around with truly amazing speed and skill. He also won the first every speed bowling test among great fast bowlers.

3. Shaun Tait 160.7 kmph delivery:

Shaun Tait with his slingy action was extremely difficult to pick when he first came to the fore. Add to that some extreme pace and you will have a complete package in Tait. He was able to get the best out of himself when he was bowling fast. His delivery of 160.7 was against Pakistan in an ODI series.

2. Shaun Tait’s 161.1 kmph Thunder bolt:

This delivery was bowled against England and it tucked the batsman up due to sheer pace and venom.

1. Shoaib Akhtar to Nick Night, 161.3 kmph:

This is the fastest ball of the world when Shoaib was not able to get the best out of his career otherwise, he was able to get this accolade to his name. 100.3 mph!

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