Ten Ducks in One Innings, 3 Runs Scored

Today we will present you an amazing innings that you have never seen or heard of in your lifetime. We are talking about the England cricket team who have been going through some rough times lately. Especially their defeat against the Netherlands was heart breaking in the World T20. Now their club cricket team has made a record that the world cannot believe can happen in the game of cricket.

Wirral Cricket Club is situated near Liverpool. The Wirral team was playing against the Haslington team. That belongs to Cheshire League. That was no street match. It was played by the players who aim to become international stars someday.

They were playing a third division math. The match ended with an astonishing embarrassment for the Wirral team. The whole team got out by making a total of 3 runs. The most funny thing is that out of 3 runs, there were 2 extras. So the team could not make a single run off the bat. The 10 wickets players were out for a duck. Adding more to the fun, the No 11 batsman was only able to score 1 run to make it a total of 3 runs for the team.

The innings was surprisingly long. Wirral team had to make `109 to win the match. The batsmen could not make a score and repleatedly got out for duck. But the team somehow managed to play 10 overs game that was bit of an achievement for them.

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Rolin Johnson did gallant effort considering the circumstances, and he was able to face 11 balls before he got out. No other batsman could last longer than 10 balls. The end result was a smashing defeat when Wirral lost the match by 105 runs short.

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