Sharjeel Khan wins the race of more sixes

The recent Newzealand series against Sirilanka has turned out be a one sided event. After the ODI series, Newzeland has also been able to sweep the T20 series cleanly by winning the both T20s. The last T20 match was playe on Sunday when the Hero for Newzealand was Colin Munro at Eden Park.

Munro made a record of making second fastest 50 in the T20 series crcket. He made 50 in just 14 balls. Let us take a preview of his record making innings.

The Kiwis chased Sirilanka for a total of 142 runs in the second innings. Martin Guptil made the first 50 of the Newzealand innings by scoring 50 runs in the 19 balls. He blazed away to his 50 and gave Sirilankans a real bad time.

His bat moved all over the crease as he gave his beatst effort to beat Sirilanka out of the competition and series. Unfortunately for Guptil, he could not last long enough to lead Newzealand to victory. He got out on a total of 65 which he made in just 35 balls. He had been able to set the record for the second fastest 50 in the T20 cricket.


After the demise of Guptil, the hopes for Newzealand were not gone. Munro came to the crease and looked in dashing mood. He started hitting immediately and superbly around the ground. Munro was like a tiuger on a hunt. He hacand missed the test series and the ODI series already and could not make a significant mark in the current tour of Sirilanka. He justified his No3 spot by playing a record breaking innings and secured his name iinto the record books by making the second fastest fifty in the T20 cricket.

He made t s mind blowinge record by hitting 7 sixes around the ground. His score was mostly made up of sixes. He just remained short of India’s Yuvraj Singh who made the record of scoring 50 runs in just 12 balls previously against England in 2007. The Newzealand captain Williamson was really proud of his two Hero batsmen up in the order. He said that he was really happy to see two historicthal innings in one match. Hye loved it when the guys cleared the ropes freely.

This T20 match will never be forgotten in the history of Newzealand cricket as the record was broken twice in one day by two Kiwi batsmen. Also with this performance, the Newzealand has thrown Sirilanka further down the rankings in the T20. Now thehy have fallen behind West Indies and Autralia. Also Newzealand managed to defeat the Asian Tigers Sirilnka with a clean sweep of 2-0 in the series. Angelo Mathews did some gallant effort with his 81 and managed to become a resistant force against the Newzealand bowling. But he was the only batsman with Dilshan to reach the double figures.

Bad Day For Sirilanka

A big day in the Newzealand Cricket and a poor day in the Sirilankan history has entertained the world community. The match went in favor of Newzealand due to the ill planning and execution of Sirilankan fielding and batting department. If they had not played such an ordinary cricket, this match might have gained them some pride in the current disappointing series on the Newzealand soil.

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