Shahid Afridi wicket in the National T20 Cup 2016

There has been different situations in cricket where batsmen could not make their mind and end up in run out. Many of the players start running without even looking at their partner’s consent but this time it is something different both had consent to complete a run but they were not even able to convey their message correctly.

This happened in a domestic match in Australia where a right handed player make a drive towards off side and wanted a run. His partner too wanted a run and left his crease to take it but suddenly, the other end player stopped him. It made the bowling end player to stop but then, nobody knows what happens, the player at batting end again call his companion for a run.

Both starts running but again, the player at batting end stop him. And say, No No and then say Yes. This end up in a very funny situation. Both were asking yes and no on the same time. They did not know what to do. Either accepts an invitation to a run or rejects it and both of them stays in the middle of the wicket.

Yes, fielding side was actually in the same situation. Fielder at first, could not decide the end where he wants to make a throw and then make it towards batting end. Luckily, keeper could not grab the ball and missed an easy run out chance.  Meanwhile, the batsman had still not decided about the end where they wanted to go.

Fielders grabbed the bowl again and threw towards other end where the batsman was very far but it missed again. Both batsman finally decided to take run but yet again, looking at the fielder both end up in the middle of the wicket.

This brought us an interesting yes, no, yes, yes, no, yes, no, no situation. It has never happened in cricket when both batsman have been out of their cross for so long and did not get out. It is now considered one of the most interesting moment in cricket history.

We have seen many such incidents happened in Pakistan cricket, when Muhammad Hafeez could not make up his mind after starting running to take a run and end up in run out or making other player to run out. It happened about 5 to 6 times in Muhammad Hafeez’s career and yet, he is now considered the run out machines.

Usually called, Professor, Muhammad Hafeez does not consider it a special thing and believes it is a normal thing while you are in the middle of the wicket.


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