Shahid Afridi Hits 446666 In One Over

Shahid Khan Afridi , the danger man of Pakistan knows no introduction. No other batsman can ever hit a sixer or a boundary better than Afridi can. He has hit sixes out of the park many times in his career, in our video today, we are presenting an unforgettable innings of Shahid Afridi when he had hit 2 fours and 4 sixes in one over against Sirilanka in a One day contest. Lets enjoy this thrilling over played by Afridi.

It seems impossible for any batsman in the world to score 32 runs off one over, but the tiger Afridi did it. He faced 6 balls with his explosive styles. This was a bad day for the bowler CM Bandara of Sirilanka who unfortunately got his figures ruined in 2007 in Abu Dhabi.

At that time, the Pakistan needed to score above 5 runs in an over to win the match against Sirilanka. Shahid was facing Bandara who was a spin bowler.

On the very first ball, Shahid came down the track with a mission in his mind. He wanted Pakistan to be victorious. Afridi smashed the ball towards deep cover which raced out of the boundary for a four. The outside edge was enough to throw the ball over cover to hit a four.

Afridi knew that the tail enders like Muhammad Sami will not be able to lead Pakistan to victory, therefore he stood his ground and faced the next ball which bowler delivered round the wicket.

Afridi in he same fashion went after the spinner and had hit him powerfully hard to clear the fence on the off side. That was his second consecutive boundary. The crowd began to cheer and roar. The fielder had no chance to stop the ball.

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For the next ball, the bowler came back over the wicket. Afridi again came down the track, moved his feet beautifully and hit the ball hard toward mid off. The umpire made his confirmation and declared that it was a six. Fans loved it as they got up on their feet. Now Afridi had already scored 14 runs from 3 balls of the leg spinner.

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