Saeed Anwar Unbelievable Batting Against India

Saeed Anwar Unbelievable Batting Against India. Saeed Anwar Unbelievable Batting Against India. Saeed Anwar Unbelievable Batting Against India.

Saeed Anwar was unstoppable. He completed his fifty by a tremendous boundary on the On side. The left hander had no trouble facing the likes of Prasad, Kuruvilla, Anil Kumble and Joshi. Prasad went for a run rate of 7.0 as he was totally miserable against Anwar’s thrashing.

The most amazing thing of this match and the video you will see here is that Tendulkar had a chance to bowl in this match, who also became the best bowler of the match for India. Saeed Anwar Smashed Tendulkar also for sixes and boundaries over on side and off side both. Tendulkar went for 61 runs but he also took 2 wickets. Most interestingly, Saeed Anwar also got out on the ball of Sachin Tendulkar which he played as a mistake.

Prasad was brought back into the attack, Anwar ruined his second spell quite comprehensively. No one seem to stop Anwar at all when he reached his 100. The shadows were falling and the sun had turned into moon. The lights were on as Anwar was smashing the bat all around brilliantly. During the innings he also fell down but Ijaz was there with him. He continued his innings. He took some rest and started playing shots. After the departure of Ijaz, Anwar kept on playing his strokes. He was almost totally dealing in boundaries. Near the 40th over, he stayed alive by a chance at the boundary for a catch, it turned into a six. 

Saeed Anwar Unbelievable Batting Against India

Anwar completed his 150 and kept going on like a tiger for 200 mark. It was very very unfortunate because Saeed could not complete his double century in the history of cricket for the first time. He led Pakistan to 300. He played a high shot which was misjudged on the bowling of Tendulkar. That was when he got caught out at 194. Watch this innings and have a time of your life. Rarely will you see anything like this.

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