Ryan Ten Douscate hits massive six out of the park in MCL

Ryan Ten Douscate from Holland hit massive six of around 120 meters long to send the ball out of ground. While playing in Masters Champions League, Ryan made a massive hit out of the ground to a right arm spin bowler.

The ball went out the stadium into the road. First it was an impression that the ball was not going to be found again and it will be lost because the hope of finding the ball with such a massive hit was impossible in normal cases.The ball went away towards the road and fell on the empty road. Luckily the traffic was not disturbed by this massive hit because there were no cars or bikes affected by that ball. It could have been an accident if the ball had hit the car screen or a bike rider. The hit was powerful and the ball was in full force.

The comedy happened when the ball remained on the road for a few seconds, and a person saw the ball who picked it up with his hands. He knew it came out of the stadium, so he was nice enough to throw it back into the stadium. He really had to use his arms well to throw the ball back to the stadium, but in the end he did well.

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We are proud to present you such an entertaining video. You will love it and will laugh as this was the most spectacular event of all time in the cricket history. Shots like these make the fans go wild.






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