Red And Yellow Cards Will be Used In The Game of Cricket

Several reasons contribute to bad umpiring in the cricket world today. In all the mega tournaments from world cups to international series, the umpires used are well experienced, but they also show some silly and horribly regretful decisions to give star batsmen out at a delicate moment of the match. That is really frustrating for the teams and the players, plus the fans watching around the world.

Recently Steve Smith is not happy with the dismissal of Marsh in New Zealand in the third ODI that could have cost them the series and the final match of Chappell Headley trophy. According to the ICC rules, the players are not allowed to challenge the umpires, nor are they allowed to challenge their decisions. Even in the presence of third umpire, the ground umpires sometime make mistakes and it leads to argument and sometime a big international issue arises.

The game of soccer and hockey is famous for the use of cards. Red and yellow cards are shown to the players for their mistakes and ensure the discipline of the game. In cricket history, there has never been a use of cards before permanently.

Back in the days of great Glen McGrath of Australia, he was once shown a red card by the umpire Billy Bowden. But that was a rare incident of its kind. The MCC has proposed a suggestion to make use of cards in the game of cricket that is essential for making the game more controllable and players more responsible.

If this happens, it will be for the improvement of cricket. The game will become more exciting when a card is ready to be shown to the player. The umpires will feel more confident and they won’t have to argue with the player about anything. The use of card would mean that a player needs to play within the rules. This will definitely facilitate the game of cricket.

That would also strengthen the umpires in the field. The third umpire and match referee are behind the scenes. The red and yellow cards will make umpires more precise and accurate in their on field decisions. The game of cricket will be dramatically improved with the use of cards. It is a very good idea indeed.

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