Peshawar Zalmi vs Karachi Kings, Last two overs of the Match

Pakistan Cricket Board is responsible for the betterment and developemtn fo the cricket in paksitan. Shahryar Khan has been doing a good job recently to promote cricket. PSL is his success which the world is appreciating. A horrible news came out of the Internationa l Cricket Council Conference in Dubai lately, that Pakistan may not be taking part in the World Cup Cricket T20 this March. The world cup is held in India .

The reason for playing in India is a mater of pride. But the political and cultural influences are strong. Indians are are good strong side, that is the strength of their cricket team. But the issue that is creating a problem for the Paksitani government, PCB and Pakistani players is that Indian soil is also an enemy territory. A large number of emotional and disrespectful Indians are a cause of threat to the Pakistani team. In case Pakistani Vs India encounter goes in the favor of Pakistan, the spectators may get enraged and crazy to see India lose.

Karachi Kings vs Peshawar Zalmi, last over 11… by ptvcricketofficial


There is a huge possibility that Pakistani government may not allow its boys to play in India. This is not for the sake of politics, this is because the players may not be safe there. Other members of PCB support Shahryar Khan as well because if the government gives protection to the Pakistani player from the extremist groups in India. Also the legendary Pakistani Umpire Aleem Dar was withdrawn during a home series in India.More violent and extreme incidents happened in India which lead PCB to think about the safety of his players. They are an asset for the nation.

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