People were laughing on Virat Kohli Out

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have tried to win the Australian series so far and have succeeded. They succeeded in playing some great innings and they have succeeded in helping their team to win the series in the T20.

The both players have done some incredible things for India over the years, but the problem is that they have an attitude problem. In our video today, we are presenting you the worst incident that they did against the umpire in the current series against Australia.

The rules of cricket are well explained by the ICC. The rules are set. It is clear that no player is allowed to argue with the umpires in the field during the match. Let alone what they did with the umpires in Australia.

The both players were doing nicely in the field, but then they had argued with the umpires. Not only did they argued with the Umpires, they also did a terrible thing to challenge their decision. The Umpire was doing the right thing and made the right decision, but Rohit and Sharma both started to argue with the Umpire.

Sharma was not happy with the bowler Boland who was in a mood to take his wicket. The bowler and the batsman were up against each other to win the battle of their lives.

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Indians wanted the series to their name. Debating with the umpire is against the ethics of the game. The Indians got away with it very easily considering the fact that ICC did not take any serious action against them.

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