Pakistani Umpire Asad Rauf Banned For 5 years by BCCI

Board of Cricket India has taken a swear step against the Umpire Asad Rauf. The Pakistani umpire has been found guilty of the corruption charges lately. He has also been found guilty by the board for his misbehavior. Asaid Rauf belongs to Pakistan and he has done a shameful act. He is found as a criminal in the police records. A separate charge sheet has been made against him. He is accused of doing illegal betting for the IPL 2013 games. The police of Mumbai city has declared him “wanted”.

Asad Rauf has been doing professional umpiring for the ICC internationally since 2000. The 59 year old umpire has a long vast experience playing for National Bank of Pakistan as a right handed batsman. He also played for Pakistan Railways in the 89s. He has done umpiring in 98 ODIs and 23 T20s.He started his umpiring career in 1998 as a first class umpire.

The umpire has been proven guilty by the law by the anti-corruption code. Rauf has not gone back to India after the IPL 2013 series ended, but he was called by the disciplinary committee for legal action against him. He first of all denied that the charges made against him cannot be proved. Therefore he remained away from the BCCI officials.

That made him suffer also in the ICC ranking of umpires terribly. Rauf paid the price for getting dropped out from the list of Elite Panel of Umpires.Raud has the privilege to act as umpire in 23 T20 international matches. He was a major name in the IPL spot fixing controversy two years ago.

An umpire so old and experienced should not have been involved into something like cheating and fraud. He has disgraced the name of Pakistan and we have such top class umpires like Aleem Dar and Shoaib Raza representing the mega event PSL in UAE. Rauf has seriously committed a crime he should be punished for.

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