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Shahid Khan Afridi is the current captain of Pakistan T20 team. He is an attacking all rounder. Over the last 20 years, he has gained immense popularity among the world cricket fans. The reason is his natural style of playing and his ability to hit the ball hard. Today we will talk about the exciting Shahid Afridi and why he is called the “Boom Boom Afridi”.

Boom Boom Afridi

Shahid Afridi has been interviewed many time. He has gained the nick name of Boom Boom Afridi from his fans around the world. The commentators also continuously talk about his ability as soon as he arrives in the ground. From Ian Chappel to Ravi Shastri, thei greatest legends love to call him by his nick name “Boom Boom Afridi”. Afridi said in an interview that the people of Pakistan love him for his smashing batting style. They all stand up on their feet and pray for him”.

Afridi got his nick name from the batting style which is God given. Millions of fans are responsible for providing this nick name to Shahid. Let us see the points which contribute towards Shahid’s nick name as Boom Boom.

Why Shahid atis Boom Boom Afridi

    1. Shahid Afridi is a naturally attacking and aggressive batsman. He is a natural run scorer who loves to make runs.
    2. Shahid is an all rounder. He is a brilliant leg spinner also. His bowling may not be as fast as his batting, but that adds to his value in the team.
    3. Shahid is a destructive force for the bowling of opposite team. That is that is the main reason he is called the Boom Boom Afridi.
    4. Shahid is unstoppable. He is one of those batsmen of the world who are very hard to stop once they start playing well. From Shane Warne to Murlidhran, everyone was afraid of Afridi when he was hitting hard. That is the main reason why Afridi is called the Boom Boom Afridi.
    5. Afridi has made fastest world records. That is why he is called the Boom Boom Afridi. He has held thefastest 100 world record for so long back in his early days of nineties.
    6. Shahid Afridi has a run rate of 117.0 in the One Day Cricket. With these spectacular figures, he stands among the fastest batsmen who have played more than 60 matches internationally. This figure is enough to call him Boom Boom.

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  • Afridi has played 398 one day matches. That makes him the 5th highest ODI matches player. He iis just behind Kumar His powerful strokes in the One Days will never be forgotten .He had retired after the World Cup 2015.
  • Afridi has played equally fast and good in Test Matches. He also has a strike rate of 97 in the test matches. His ability to score with good brought Pakistan good totals. That is why he is the greatest pladi yer in all forms of game. Boom Boom nick name is justified this way.
  • Afridi can hit almost any bowler out of the park in any match. He is totally unpredictable, especially no one can say what miracle he might produce in any match. Therefore he is called Boom Boom Afridi.

We hope now you know the reason why Shahid is known as Boom Boom Afridi all around the world. The world will definitely miss such an entertaining player in the international scene after his retirement.


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