math skills 4

Children’s budding math skills

Most of us fail to admit our own underachievements in maths have resulted in a general lack of interest in the subject. That somehow also ends up effecting our childrens’ mathematical skills. But for the […]

math skills 2

Leapster Games for Math skills

Many people are well aware that Leapster has the ability to transform boring math concepts into cool games. If you attempt to teach your children mathematical concepts using the old school ways, you would probably […]

mental math exercises

Mental Excerices for Kids and Memory

In very simple words, mental arithmetic is using the human mind to figure out and calculate math problems. It is the fastest humanly possible way to solve arithmetic problems. It is also a very important […]

fitness for children

Fun Fitness for kids

Every single day we come to know that the people around us are becoming more and more obese. Why is that so? Is this just about our dietary choices? I dont think so. Yes, fatty […]

field trips for students
Field Trips

Theatre field trips for kids

Field trips are arguably the most exciting things of the year for students. For teachers, its quite ther opposite. For them, it is surely one of the toughest periods of the year. There’s logistics to […]

arranging field trips for kids
Field Trips

Amazing field Trip ideas

Field trips are more amazing for your students than you probably think. At times it is just super nice to get out of your homes and schools and see the world outside. As the school […]

english writing 4
English Writing

Word Search games for kids

UK government data proves show that more than 40% of kids aged 9-11 cannot read or write to an acceptable standard. Moreover one fifth of adults fail to reach the literacy levels expected of an […]

english writing 3
English Writing

Writing Worksheets for kids

This is one of my finest pieces of English Writing Education for kids. Younger students may prefer or require worksheets that are easy to follow and understand. Really, there is no rocket science to it! […]

english writing 2
English Writing

Best English Writing Methods

If you find the process of writing difficult, dont worry or get disheartened. You are surely not alone. Simple rule of the thumb is to remember that it usually helps to imagine who you’re writing […]

english writing 1
English Writing

English Study guide for kids

There are so many different types of kids and so many different types of parents. Kids with parents who take regular interest in their child’s education will probably end up becoming succesful language learners. Really, […]

confidence 3

Capable and Confident kids

We all love and want children in our lives. But brining up a little one is easier said than done. As parents or guardians, we often overlook one simple strategy. If we are making the […]

confidence 2

Ways to raise confident children

Don’t do it all for your little ones. What doesd this mean? This simply means what the words tell. Just step back and allow your children the chances to get experience things in life by […]

confidence 1

Bringing up confident children

More than 90% of children develop self confidence not because parents keep telling them how good they are, but because of their own personal thinking. But the question is, how? Well folks, you gotta read […]