New Zealand CEO Reprimanded Ground Announcer For Taunting Amir in 3rd T20

As Pakistan Vs New Zealand Series is going on a great pace with both the teams ready to give the fight of their lives in the ODI series, funny and interesting events are also happening in the ground as well. The first ODI was won by New Zealand with a great margin. During the match, along with sixes and fours, some rare event came into observation. A senior stadium announcer taunted Muhammad Amir and paid the penalty of getting admonished by the New Zealand Board Officials. Lets take a look at what happened in this event.

Mark McLeod has been the stadium announcer for quite a long time now. He did something in the last T20 match to bother Muhammad Amir of Pakistan who was eager to regain his lost pride due to allegations of match fixing. Amir is back internationally for Pakistan and wants to play well in the future. Pakistan has high hopes from him. The Officials at NZC have made a good and fair decision to contact the Stadium Announcer when he was found guilty of disturbing and taunting Amir during the match. The CEO of New Zealand cricket David White demanded that the announcer Mark should apologize for his unethical behavior during the match.

Later on upon the call of CEO, Mark apologized with Pakistani Team. The CEO White has himself been generous enough to apologize Pakistani team. According to white in an interview to New Zealand media, he said that playing this kind of sound during the fast bowler’s spell is not appropriate thing to do. He said that this puts a question on the New Zealand reputation for international games. I want to apologize to Pakistani team and assure that this kind of incident will not happen again.

A large number of Pakistani spectators have been there in the ground for watching Muhammad Amir back in the side. He looked like a changed guy who learned his lesson. The crowd was cheering his balls right through Eden Park. Amir is also playing ODIs and he is going to be around again. So this time Pakistani team will make sure that he does not get bothered by any intentional unfriendly sound during his important spell.

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The whole team and especially Hafeez supported Amir for that. The matches are going live and the world audience is watching. This kind of behavior is only expected by a seriously immature person. That is why New Zealand Officials have taken measures to put the ground announcer in his limits for the upcoming games.



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