Natwest Blast : Willey Made 34 Runs in One Over

The first ball was hit for a huge six over the on side boundary to complete his 50. He was cheered by the crowd for a huge six. There were five balls left in the over now.

He smashed the second ball of the over on the on side for a tremendously powerful hit on the on side, that was a few inches short of becoming a six. The lovely stroke went for a boundary. There were already 10 runs made on two balls in the over. Four more balls to go in the over.

The third ball was a juicy ball going outside of stomp, the amazing Willey got down on his knee and hit the ball with full force over the long on boundary into the crowd. The ball went way back into the crowd who were ultimately amazed at the six on the third ball. 16 runs came from 3 balls already. Three Tballs to go in the over now.

The stadium was full and the lights were on. Willey was ready for the fourth ball which was another juicy one pitched short, gave him enough room to play it repeatedly on the on side high in the air. Yardy could not believe his eyes when the ball went over the ropes for another consecutive six.

Two more deliveries left in the over. No one could believe that already 22 runs came out of the over. What could be in store for the poor spinner Yardy.

Yardy crossed the umpire for the fifth ball and it was almost a fuller delivery, but Willey was in perfect position and used his feet to come out of his crease and smashed it over the on side boundary into the crowd. The last ball was remaining, it was a hat trick of sixes by Willey.

The last one did went for a disaster as well. The over was a complete destruction for Yardy who will never forget this match for a long long time. The last ball was an intentional full toss, in a hope to gain a different result. But the result was fortunately the same for the batsman Willey.

34in1over by ptvcricketofficial

He smashed the last ball full toss on the exact same on side position to hit the fourth consecutive six of the over, the complete the 34 runs in one over. There were no No Balls or wide balls. But the pure and solid hitting of Willey.

The end result of the over was 6 4 6 6 6 6.



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