Muhammad Amir Took the Wicket of Hafeez

Muhammad Hafeez was the most dangerous batsman and a weapon for Zalmi today. Afridi has used him for winning matches in the PSL.

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The professor got in an emotional state when he was unable to strike a powerful shot over the bowler’s head. Hafeez got the run rate to climb to above 7, but the problem was that he had no timing. He had no sense of where he had hit the ball.

The Peshawar team is going down in the match after losing Hafeez as their key stroke maker in the first innings. Allenby got 34 runs with four boundaries all over the ground. Hodge was not out on 34 runs. He played an innings real fastly with a strike rate of 125.92.

With Hodge alive and not out at the moment, the Zalmi team still has some hope for their last few overs remaining. Even though it looks like that the match is going down for Peshawar Zalmi, the skipper Afridi is out already for 5 runs.

Afridi was failed with his bat today and could not manage to hit a huge shot over the boundary. Bilawal Bhatti who batted nicely for Kings bowled superbly to fool Afridi and sent him back to dressing room for only 5 runs.

The wicket keeper Kamran Akmal got is still on the crease with the smashing Hodge. The Hodge and Akmal are the last hope for the Zalmi today. Akmal remained useless however, he got out for eight runs.

Amir is the key to victory for the decision of t his match. if Amir strikes now, the match can be very very exciting. The score is not much to get, its the wickets that Zalmi guys need to keep right now. Hodge is a reliable weapon for Peshawar. As long as he is in the game, he will keep the game alive for Peshawar. Hodge is the last man to watch out for now as he can stand between the Kings and Zalmi victory.


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