Mohammad Amir 5 Wickets Against Islamabad In Pakistan Cup

Amir starts his international career against New Zealand. Muhammad Amir has taken 5 wickets in the games he has played so far. Amir has been able to successfully justify his place inside the team because the team is waiting for his good performance. He dismissed Latham and did a splendid job in containing him as he is the son of great Rod Latham of New Zealand who represented his country in the previous decades and was in the Newzleaand side when they were as great as they are right now.

Amir is well supported by his fellow fielders and definitely the wicket keeper sarfraz. The keeper Sarfraz is a good find for paksiani team. Not only he has been able to strengthen the batting lineup of the Paksiani team but also he has been able to do good job regarding fast bowling needs of Paksian. Sarfraz took a good catch on the leg side and off sides as well. He has the ability to support his bowlers well.

Amir’s next victom was Anderson. Anderson was also out by getting caught by Sarfraz. The ball was moved excellently by Muhammad Amir. The bat took the to the ball, the ball was not really on to the bat, Amir has the ability to swing the ball. Therefore the Anderson could not really understand it nicely. This ODI series will be memorable for Amir. He played a good game of cricket for his team. The third and fourth victims of Amir were also excellent.

Mohammad Amir 5 Wickets Against Islamabad In… by breaktheinternet

Amir wnt ahead and took the next wicket of Ronchi. Ronchi was looking good as he tried to play Amir towards the deep third man. The amazing lovely wicket keeper Sarfraz was again seen in the action. Amir was able to pick his third wicket and New Zealand was down and almost out of the game at that stage. Amir was looking very dangerous. New Zealand was s 6 down for 99 runs.Brave Amir did a lovely job for the relatively low Pakistani team.

Now we talk about the third and final game of the series. The game was played at Eden Park Auckland which was a lovely place to play the game. The great Amir got his wicket of McCullum. The fielder this time was his partner Irfan. It was a fast paced ball. The batsman was not able to understand it. He played a shot that was not well controlled. It was caught in the he field by the big man Irfan.

In the very same third ODI, Amir took a wicket that was wonderful. The second ODi was already tinished by Amr by 3 wickets. Noow it was the turn of Ronchi. The big man got out on the very first ball he faced from amir. Then it was the turn of Nicholas. Amir caught him lbw. The ball was fast and straight. In the video, you will see how beautifully Amir bowled. The ball went straight into the pads of the batsman and the finger of Umpire was up.



This video will present you the greatest glory moments of this series as Amir did a wonderful job for his team and the circket fans all over the world who were enjoying him. These five wickets are best of his career so far.

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