Lahore Qalandars Dropped 7 Catches in the PSL Against Karachi Kings

Only four teams will progress to the semi finals, not all 5 teams will play in the semis. Therefore Lahore Qalandars will have to improve like they have never improved before. Otherwise there will be lights out for them in the tournament.

As a popular saying we already know is : “Catches win matches”. The situation has become alarming already, the fielders do not look to take the catches seriously. Winning this match would have been so easy if the Karachi team were not allowed to make a massive total of 178 in 20 overs. The run rate got climbed up to almost 9 an over for Lahore Qalandars.

With only Umar Akmal playing with full form and confidence, there is no saying what they might end up with such a horrific display of fielding. Bravo, Ehsan Adil and Cooper would not be happy with their players in the ground, not supporting them well in the bowling. The bowlers become pretty helpless if the wicket keeper and the fielders let them down.

The scene in the stadium was funny. The Karachi supporters were laughing and smiling. The video shows the whole scene about how silly the misfield at the covers was. Again a ridiculous catch was dropped in the 17th over at long off, when it was a straight forward catch.

Nauman was dropped in the first power play half on the deep On side. If there was any other team, they would have hold such a catch in the PSL. When the score was 49, the Bravo was really unlucky to be dropped by his fielder at the deep On side. It went for a six crossing the rope, sending the total above 50 for no loss.

The dangerous Bopara was dropped in the deep too. No batsman was held cleanly and each of them got a second life by the poor catching of Lahore Qalandars.


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