Karachi Whites V Karachi Blues Last Over Video

Karachi Whites V Karachi Blues Last Over Video. Karachi Whites V Karachi Blues Last Over Video Karachi Whites V Karachi Blues Last Over Video.

All eyes were on Andre Russell and Lendl Simmons. There were only 8 balls and 18 runs were required. Andre Russell was on strike. Sir Jadeja was bowling from pavilion end. He has managed to save his first 4 balls without a boundary.

Everyone knows the power hitting of strong West Indians. Jadeja delivered on the pads of Russell, who strike hard and sent it into the crowd for a 94 meters long six. West Indians camp was over joyed with the hit and all of them jumping.

And then Jadeja tried to beat on the off side but it was full, length delivery. Russell used his power to hit so strong towards extra cover that Virat Kohli was not had even a chance to move before it went out of the boundary. There were only 8 more runs required of last 6 balls.

Karachi Whites V Karachi Blues Last Over Video

Ashwin had two overs left but Dhoni did not find it suitable to bring him to bowl that. Nobody knows why. There was only person, Virat Kohli. He was given chance to take a pledge but it was West Indies’ power hitting verses a slow right arm medium pace of Virat Kohli.

Russell beat first 2 balls but then smashed a four and six to wrap the game in favor of his team. There came the time for typical west Indian style celebration. Everybody was doing dance move taught by Dyane Bravo for his song Champion.

The replay was shown on the television again and again. The hit wicket out was confirmed and the was no issue in it. He himself did not wait for any appeal towards the third umpire and started walking towards the dressing room.

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He obviously swung his bat towards the deep square leg to play a pull shot. But that attempt was terribly failed. The good thing is that Russell did not get retired hurt after that ball. That ball will prove to be a big lesson in his life afterwards.

Andre Dwayne Russell is a Jamaican Cricketer who plays for West Indies in all forms of the game. He is a big shot in the domestic cricket as well. He has a lot of cricket to play as he is only 27 years of age. He is over 6 feet tall.

Surely Andre will never forget this day in his career to come. His dismissal was not only a loss for his team but was a funny moment also in the game of cricket. What Russell can do in the future is to play the fast bowling with its merit. Do not try anything flashy on the bouncer like today. He nearly injured his shoulder today.

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