Javed Miandad Great Fight With Dennis Lillee

The two legends for Pakistan and Australia in the 70s and 80 s were Javed Miandad and Dennis Lilly.Javed was the legendary batsman for Pakistan who was the major contributor in the 1992 world cup with Imran Khan.Today we are presenting a video that will make you laugh but also amaze you because there has never been a fight like this in the test match history between the bowler and batsman.

These two players were the highest achieving players of their teams ever. Pakistan would never forget the famous Sharjah Sixer of javed Miandad aganst Inda in 1885. We have seen in the 1992 world cup as well when Javed Mandad was angry with Kiran More, the little indian wicket keeper for his chatting behind the wicket.

He made fun of him by jumping in the air. That turned into almost a controversy. This fight is more serious than the 1992 example because it was a serious outburst of rage from Javed to attack Lilly with his bat. Lilly was also known as the aggressive bowler and sometimes had the tendency to lose his temper.

Pakistan will never forget the rour of Australia in 1981-82.This time, Imran khan was not leading the team as captain. The great Javed Miandad was the captain of Pakistan for the test series. The consequences of this fight were bad for both the teams.

This was a crazy behavior in terms of sports ethics. Despite the fact that some senior players like Majid Khan, Wasim Bari etc were present in the team who were annoyed with the decision of Board for making them play under the young and junior Javed Miandad.

Click to watch the video: http://wp.me/p735et-7p

The first test was played in the Perth. The conditions were wet for the test match and Australia lost the toss. Javed Miandad decided to field.  The two great legendary fast bowlers of Australia bowled well. Terry Alderman  and Dennis Lillee bowled brilliantly at the home pitches who were moisty.

Lillee took 5 wickets and Alderman took 4 wickets. Australia could only managed a total of 180 in the first innings.

When the Pakistan innings started, the surprises began when the whole team started to crumble against Lillee and Alderman. They were 26/8. Pakistan was all out for 62.

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