Indian Media Funny Report Pakistan Number 1 Test Team

Indian Media Funny Report Pakistan Number 1 Test Team. Indian Media Funny Report Pakistan Number 1 Test Team. Indian Media Funny Report Pakistan Number 1 Test Team.

Dilhara Fernando was born in 19 July 1979.He is a professional Sri Lankan Test, ODI and T20 cricketer. He is right arm fast bowler with over 6 feet tall. He can bat with right hand as well. He played his last ODI on 11 Jan 2012 against Pakistan.

He has also played his last test against Pakistan on July 2012. He was a good bowler in the 2006 and afterwards, but as Lasith Malinga stepped foot into the Sri Lankan Side near 2008, Dilhara was not doing justice to his bowling skills. He was under average and inconsistent. He also developed some injuries due to which he was not seen in action since 2012.

The interesting news has come out of the Siri Lankan Cricket Board that Dilhara may be coming back again into action internationally for Srilanka.

Indian Media Funny Report About Pakistan Being Number 1

He has been included in the T20 side for the Indian series beginning next month. He is an experienced champ with 36 years of age.

He can bring a lot of experience with his skills and add power to the existing squad. As the Captain Malinga is not going to play against India in the T20 due to his knee injury, Dilhara is going to find another opportunity to justify his spot in the team.

Dilhara can be a good replacement for Nuwan Kulasekara as well who is out for the time being.

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Dilhara was known for his deceptive bowling style and extreme passion for cricket. This game is ideal for him due to his tall well-built body. He has been playing school cricket since he was 15. His departure from the team was also his Betting allegations in 2010. The incident was reported to ICC and Dilhara’s career took a negative path after that.

This also affected his ability to ball well in the later years 2011 and 2012.

He seem to have gotten a new life now, being the natural talent for Srilanka, only time and his performance will tell when and if he can make a new comeback permanently in all forms of the game. This is his time for making amend for his past mistakes. Good luck to Dilhara!!

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