India Beat Sri Lanka by 5 wickets in 7th match of Asia cup

Watch India vs Sri Lanka, Asia cup 2016 match live with HD streaming below. Sri Lanka is not the only team who is suffering from injuries, the Indian team is also suffering from the Dhoni’s back pain problem. In fact this puts his participation in the coming games doubtful too.

Shankar Dhawan was also unfit in the match against Pakistan, and the fiery Rohit Sharma was also hit by a raging delivery from Muhammad Amir in the match on 27th. But he is alright and lucky enough not to get injured by Amir.

However the Indian batting is still rock solid and strong with Virat Kohli, who got a beautiful 49 against Pakistan. Yuvraj Singh is there in the middle to support with good few runs Hardik Pandya has been brilliant so far in the T20s. Bumrah is there with a challenging pace.

However the big blow to Sirilanka with Malinga’s injury is going to play a crucial role in tonight’s contest. Half the team depend on his bowling to get the breakthroughs. This is the same case in the Pakistan side who depend on Sarfraz’s batting for making good score. Both teams are suffering in this way.

Dilshan and Chandimal will have to bat very well in order to win this match. The contest is guaranteed to be a thrilling one. Angelo Mathews has not much choice to experiment in this match. He and his boys will have to play sensibly today.

Watch full highlights of India vs Sri Lanka match played on 1 March 2016

There is no other way to beat India. Kohli is definitely a match winning force for India. He can turn the game around form any point for them.

The shoulders of Kohli are also under added responsibility due to the openers Shanknar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma being injured at the same time. He will have to continue his superb form against the Lions tonight.

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