Imran Nazir Fastest Century In ICL Final

Now it was Imran Farhat’s turn for big hitting in the next over. Imran Nazir was on the non strikers end after the end of second over. Imran Farhat was in flashy mood and previous over made him even more pumped up. He went after the fast bowler straight away, hit a boundary immediately over the deep cover boundary. It first looked like a six but the umpire signaled four later.

The next ball was hit with full bat swing over the square leg boundary for a six by Imran Farhat.Imran decided to hit the next ball again high. He made no mistake as the ball went over the On Side boundary for a six into the crowd. The 50 was up for Lahore Badshahs and that was the fastest 50 in the ICL history.

The two great Imrans had made their intentions clear. They wanted to finish the match early. The Natan Astle was the Captain of opposite team stood in wonder as Imran Farhat also hit the next ball for a boundary on the Off Side. Imran Farhat and Imran Nazir were only dealing in boundaries. No running was required between wickets.

Imran Farhat got out soon after that by playing a massive stroke up in the air and got caught by the Off Side Fielder who made a spectacular catch. But he played his part for 21 runs. Imran Nazir did not stop hitting fours later on. He proved to be more explosive than Farhat in hitting sixes and fours.

Imran Nazir fastest hundred on icl final by ptvcricketofficial

Imran Farhat told in his interview later to an Indian girl that he was not under pressure. He was just enjoying the game and the Indian music in the stadium. It was all so terrific to watch that knock in the ICL. This fastest 50 will always be the most electric landmark achieved in the ICL.

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