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Najam Sethi Not Happy with Change in MCL Dates


Najam Sethi is the chairman of PSL (Pakistan Super League). He has given a current interview to the Dawn News. He has expressed his unhappiness over the matter that the dates and venues of Masters Champions League (MCL) were changed which has become a challenge for Pakistan. MCL was supposed to be stared on January 28th. Now it has been taken forward to a later date Feb 13.

This will create a big problem for PSL because the dates will clash. Najam Sethi is not sure if this is a planned conspiracy against PSL but he says he is disappointed by this change of dates and venue.The original . venue was supposed to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He was happy with those two spots. But now the venue has been changed to  Dubai and Sharjah . PSL matches were also scheduled to be played there. Now it will cause a definite clash and will hinder the progress of Pakistan Super League.

Najam said that they have talked to the UAE cricketing authorities. He was disappointed to tell the fact the UAE cricketing authorities have done it for the money. The reason is that MCL pays more amount of money to them than the PSL. Therefore they have made this decision of changing the venue and dates of PSL tournament in UAE. Pakistan is doing good efforts to promote cricket for its country. The PSL has a big importance for the Pakistan cricket. As no international team has come to Pakistan after Zimbabwe since 2015, Pakistan is trying hard to bring the attention of the world towards its cricket.

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According to Sethi, there must be some hidden agenda behind it. He said that they are trying hard to bring PSL up for the promotion of Pakistan cricket. That is why this issue was not so healthy. He said PSL has been facing some real problems lately.Therefore they are determined to make this competition successful next month in 2016.

Sethi sounded enthusiastic when he said that they have planned PSL with good spirits. They will inshallah make it a success. He said that they have taken the services of professionals who are experts in their field. Finally PCB is able to hold the PSl in a successful manner. That one thing is certain in his mind.


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