Imran Nazir And Imran Farhat Fastest Fifty in 15 Balls

Imran Nazir and Imran Farhat used to open the batting for Pakistan a few years back. Imran Farhat was a permanent Pakistani opener with Hafiz as well not too long ago. Both players had immense talent and ability to score quick runs.

Unfortunately both of them remained in and out of the team due to fitness and performance issues. Today we will present an incredible video about these two openers when they started the innings for Lahore Badshahs in ICL and made 50 runs in just 15 balls.

In the ICL tournament in 2008, Imran Nazir and Imran Farhat had the chance to open the batting  together. The “two Imrans” looked in a fiery mood as they  stepped into the ground for Lahore Badshahs team. The Mumbai Champs Fast bowler  on the other side was ready to throw the first over. He was hit by Imran Nazir immediately for a six and a four.

Then smashing Imran Nazir hit another boundary on the On Side in the same over to continue the nightmare for the bowler. He already scored 16 off 5 balls in the first over. The last ball was also hit for a boundary over the long on by Imran Nazir finish with 20 runs in an over.

Watch Imran Nazir’s Fastest Century In ICL

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Imran Nazir did not stop playing hard in the next over. He smashed one ball of the next over for six over the leg side boundary and another ball for six over the sight screen. In 5 balls, Imran Nazir was able to hit 3 boudaries and 2 sixes.The last ball was remaining in this over.

The figures were already 44466 which were devastating. The last ball proved to be a true nightmare for the fast bowler when Imran hit that one for a sixer into the crowd on the On Side. The total score was 39 in just 12 balls.


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