ICC Will Soon End The Big Three Era, Says Sources

The Cricket Australia, BCCI and the ECB had completely restructured ICC. The financial powers of ICC were supposed to be going in these three organizations. These organizations are called the big three organizations and the current era is called the big three era for ICC for the dominance of these big three organizations. ICC has announced that it will completely review the changes made by these organization in the constitution.

The board meeting of ICC has happened on Wednesday.

As permanent positions for India, England and Australia are completely being held by these three countries for ICC, the chances are that these countries will no longer dominate the world cricket anymore in terms of rule making and financially. India and Australia has dominated ICC for a long time. This might be just the right time when these two countries might not be able to hold the most powerful positions.

The affairs like finance, corporate and cricketing structures are most important issues regarding world cricket. All the members of the ICC are responsible for these issues. The expectations are that Giles Clarke is going to be the next ICC chairman. Cricketers and officials from different nations represent ICC.The meeting of the board will be held in Dubai. The “Big Three” takeover are expected to be replaced as the ICC giants. These constitutional amendments are going to be crucial for International Cricket Council. The big three era is going to chance its structure as well. Lets all hope everything goes well for the sake of cricket and its fans.

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