Fawad Khan 94 Runs 7 Fours 8 Sixes In National T20

The result was his dismissal through a good easy straight forward catch at the deep. Rana Naveed had gotten rid of the danger man. Now the commentators had predicted the defeat of Lengends. The top scorer was gone for 53. Legends were six down. The music in the stadium was facinating as he went back to the dressing room. Naveed set his field again and got ready for the next ball which was the last ball of the over.

8 dot balls had already been bowled. Ambrose came out to crease to face him. Rana made it very difficult for Ambrose to play his first ball. He had to perish as the the slower full toss delivered was beautifully disguised. Ambrose swung his bat to hit it hard towards the off side, aiming to hit the fence, Ambrose missed it completely and got clean bold. Rana Naveed was on a hat trick if he had another ball left, but that was his last ball. He took two amazing wickets on 2 balls to make sure the demise of last hopes for double L Libra Legends last night.

You will love this video, the old champ Rana Naveed is back in action in the first ever MCL tournament held on a neutral venue Dubai. Lots of more exciting matches are coming in the February for MCL. Get ready for more action by the old legends.

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