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Today we will talk about an exciting delivery in the test cricket between the two great players of world’s top teams. Australia and Newzealand are current devastating teams in the world along with India and South Africa. In this video, the David Andrew Warner of Australia and Trent Boult of New Zealand were against each other. These two cricketers need no introduction.

Trent Boult was born in New Zealand in 1909. He is a bowler and a tail end batsman for New Zealand. He opens the bowling with is left arm fast action. He made his debut in 2011. He was the leading wicket taker in the World Cup 2015 as well. In the first historical day and night test match played in Australia, Boult took five wickets. Unluckily Australia had won that match by 3 wickets.

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David Andrew Warner needs also no introduction. He is the aggressive powerful opening batsman for Australia who is just 29 years old. He was promoted as the vice-captain of the Australian Team in 2015. He proudly holds the record for becoming the third batsman in the test cricket to make centuries in both innings. The other two master legends of the past were only Sunil Gavaskar and Ricky Ponting. He also made the second highest top score of 253 in the test match.

In this hilarious video, the Australian opener David Warner was batting. The bowler from New Zealand was the great Trent Boult. Trent was in a fiery mood as usual. He is known for dangerous test match deliveries with incredible pace. d batsman was truly shocked with this delivery as he struggled to stand his ground but could not remain on his feet.

It was a full pitch delivery that was coming very quickly towards his feet and stomps. Warner did well to dig the delivery out as he managed to save himself from getting clean bold. The crowd was thrilled with this delivery which is the perfect Yorker of the test match history. A big roar followed as the Warner fell down. Luckily he was not hurt by falling down. He quickly threw his arms on the pitch to avoid breaking his teeth. The batsman then regained his balance and stood up back with a smile.

Smiling of Warner was a very good sign. The commentators were also impressed with the way he saved his wicket and also remained unhurt. This video shows a great clash of two of the best young players in the world cricket today. The bowler bowled the perfect Yorker which brings out the memory of the great Waqar Younis of Pakistan. The video also shows a great display of batting performance by the Aussie Warner who kept himself in the game after defending his wicket. Such a rare ball in the world cricket today is much enjoyed by the fans around the world.

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