DDCA Given 20 Day Deadline to Finalize World Cup T20 Criteria

The Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) has been asked by the high court DDCA to pay 50 lakh Indian Rupees and get done with the formalities of T20 world cup in the March this year 2016. The next month is approaching soon, high court has delivered its orders to make the criteria final for the World T20 soon. Now DCCA has less than two weeks to fulfil ltheir commitment.

The point to be noted is 50 Lakh rupees from the DDCA as security amount was demanded by South Delhi Municipal Corporation by the DCCA. The advocate Gaurang Kanth, is taking care of this case and he has declared that iff the DDCA fail to comply with the 20 day deadline, they will not get their huge amount of security back, which is 50 lacks Indian Rupees.

That is only done in order to make sure that DCCA do not take the completion affairs lightly. On the other hand, the officials at the DCCA look very determined and have said that they will do anything to complete this in 20 days. Remember that DCCA need to complete the remaining work of 60 percent before they can claim back their secuiryt amout. This is the last chance given to the DCCA to prove their work. The high court hearing is on the media now and DCCA is on its way to meet their promise.

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