Most Controversial Run Out In PSL Tournament

The PSL 2016 has been full of events astonishing the world cricket fans. The huge sixes and boundaries have been fun but the most suicidal run out took place for the Peshawar Zalmi Imad Wasim. Imad looked like as if he wanted this to happen to himself.

Imad had played a good short during towards the leg side, but the most ridiculous thing he did was to start walking on the pitch willfully.The ball was in the hands of fielder, Imad had no sense where he was going until the ball struck his wickets and he got run out.

Peshawar Zalmi is looking for a victory right from the start. Hafeez gave them a great start to rely on. Imad had no burden of big chase or anything extraordinary on his head, but he did some stupid mistake that cost him and his team another wicket.

That was the most silly run out in this history of PSL so far. The brilliant Hafeez will not be proud of his buddy Imad. The coach was also terribly shocked because Imad was very careless about throwing his wicket that easily.

The ideal start should have had a nice backup, the middle order or Zalmi crumbled because the players like Imad did not care much about saving their wickets for the sake of their team. The total is decent enought for Zalmi to win the game, but that could have been much higher if Imad and some of his buddies had played a little more responsibly.

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Bopara got another wicket, his figures were only improved by Imad with a suicidal run out. This is the most controversial run out in the PSL history in 2016. This will make the coaches and especially Andy Flower grab his head in pain. How in the world could someone throw his wicket like that?

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