Chris Gayle Leaves BBL With Rude Social Media Comments

Chris Gayle has had a record breaking tournament playng for Melbourne Renegades. He may not be visible in the West Indian Intenational side but he has expressed his intentions of returning to Big Bash League soon agian. The annoying thing is that he has made done some naughty things and made some inappropriate remarks about the world class cricketers during the season. He paid the price for his big mouth by paying the fine of $10,000. His remarks on the live coverage on the television were deeply disliked by majority of people related to cricket and general public.

Gayle is a senior “cricketer and he is 36 years of age. He appears on the Ten Sports repeatedly and gets interviewded by the reprters. On the social media, Gayle also looks a bit angry. Seems like he want to shout at some people openly to release his anger. On the social media, Gayle has thanked the Renegades for giving him a chance to play and he enjoyed it much playing the BBL. He said this memory with his fans will live forever. He said the hospitality of Austalians were incredible. He thanked the Aussie media as well and he thanked his haters too. During this series he had some serious issues which he got through successfully with his fans.

Gayle posted these comments on his Instagram account on the social media. But the kind of language he used for his comments was totally inapproptiate. He sounded uncivilized by saying “To the MEDIA, Thank You all so! (sic). He also posted “The Haters, I Thank you even more,”.

The worst thing that annoys the cricketers is he said something very rude about the past and present cricketers. He said but y’all don’t have the BALLs to stand firm when it matters, Y’all can kiss my ‘Black Rass’.” It is obvious that Gayle was mentioning some past cricketers like Andrew Flintoff. Flintoff is currently working for TEN Sports Network as a commentator and signed for covering BBL.

Rogers used to open the batting with Chris Gayle in the BBL when he was playing for Sydney Thunders. Rojers was serving as a commentator with ABC Grandstand this month. Gayle was under a serious controversy, Rojers said that “I would go out with Gayle socially or in a group, as you do in a team, and I’d probably distance myself from him,”. He said he did not set a good example for the young boys with his behavior and attitude. Gayle on the other hand backfired at Rojers and defended himself by denying the comments against him.

Gayle certianly loved his stay in Australia during BBL and plans to return again. He said “I love Australia and I will be back again even for the (three beer emojis) oi oi. So do not consider Gayle out yet, he will be back to play some more grand innings for BBL and his fans.

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