Can Pakistanis Ever behave like this with the umpires ? Video

The media and the cricketers do not like this behavior as well. This was not a rational thing to do on the part of two spectacular Indian entertainers. Sharma behaved illogical when his attempt to play the ball towards the leg side was unsuccessful. The worst thing he did was to challenge the umpire. He did not understand the delivery well and asked the umpire to give his decision as wide ball. The Australian umpire was in a good position to view that ball, there was no need to ask the umpire for such a ridiculous decision. The worst thing was that the ball was not wide at all. If it was a wide ball, then there would be no sound coming out of the pads.

Umpire had to talk to Kohli and tell him in clear words that this cannot be given as wide, this was touching the pads. Therefore Kohli had no point in challenging the umpire. Kohli was not on the striker’s end, he should have had a very nice view of the ball as he was just standing near the umpire. He is an experienced player and a sound was heard loud and clear. Therefore no way it could have been a wide.

What Umpire or ICC Would Have Done If Pakistani… by HDCricketVideo

Now our question is, what would have been the reaction of Umpires and the International Cricket Council if it had been Pakistan players complaining and arguing with the umpires? Paksitanis do not have a bad attitude and have never been found in challenging the umpires in any form of the game. Everybody know how wrong Inzimam was given out wrong in the world cup 1999 and how bad Paksitani players have been treated multiple times in the foreign grounds as the victims of bad umpiring, but none of them have done anything so rude against the umpires.

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