Bravo Takes One Of The Best Catches 2016

Bravo Takes One Of The Best Catches 2016. Bravo Takes One Of The Best Catches 2016. Bravo Takes One Of The Best Catches 2016.

Bravo has always been a jolly man. This time he did that with Indian crown. After taking Ajike Rehana catch, Dwane Bravo showed Indian his new song Champion’s moves. All of the crowd was looking at him and they were silent. West Indies were enjoying the way they made the whole stadium get silent.

Australian domestic cricket is at its top with the summer BBL series at full speed towards its end. Today we will talk about an unusual and dramatic incident that had happened when the fast medium attacking bowler Nathan John Rimming ton bowled a stunning bouncer to Andre Russell of the opponent team which resulted in his departure due to getting “hit wicket” out. This is the most thrilling and amazing dismissal in the BBL series yet. Let us see how it all happened.

Bravo Takes One Of The Best Catches 2016

In the 17th over, Andre Russell was facing the dangerous Nathan Rimmington at the score of 14. The run rate was going up high at 9.09 and two wickets had fallen so far. The total score was 2/147. Andre Russell had hit the wickets and lost his wicket due to a dangerous bouncer thrown at him by the Nathan Rimmington. It all created a roar in the crowd. Nathan was not able to understand this delivery. He almost never saw it coming towards his body with a quick speed.

Bravo Takes One Of The Best Catches 2016

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The ball had hit with full speed on his left hipper shoulder. He was really stunned at first when he saw the delivery coming towards his face. He almost wanted to get out of the way but the speed of the ball was so fast, he could not handle the delivery at all. The delivery quickly came towards his upper body, he was not able to keep his balance and almost fell down. He stepped a few steps backwards and hit the wickets with his body. Then he regained his balance only to find out that he has lost his place e on the crease.

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